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Gas shield pulse welding machine MIG/MAG 350 trolley model (aluminum weld)
MIG CO2 gas shielded pulse welding machine is the inverter welding machine with the international advanced inverter technology.

The general principle of it is to make the 50Hz/60Hz AC current into DC current.

And make the DC current into high frequency AC current basing on the high power electronic element IGBT, whose frequency could be 20KHZ, reducing voltage and rectification.

1.IGBT inverter technology, current controlling model, high quality, steady properties.
2.constant voltage output, high adaptability for electricity network
3.electronic inductor controlling, less splash, deep weld pool and good forming start with slow wire feeding, welding with globule wiping off, high hot start success rates.
5.suitable for 0.8mm thickness welding material
6.small size, light weight, simple operation
7. Machine is with two cooling fan inside for higher working duty cycle and working steady
*8. Machine can be with input technology of soft switch or hard switch.
9. Machine is special for aluminum weld work.

The efficiency of machine would be above 85%, and machine would be with energy conservation function
Machine function:
1. MMA, MIG/MAG function
2. welding current adjustable
3. welding voltage adjustable
4. MIG welding inductance adjustable
5. MIG pulse weld: single pulse or double pulse

wire plate weight: 15 - 20kgs
water cold mode or air cold mode 


350A MIG/MAG/MMA welding machine
Power supply: 3-380V+/-15%
Power input: 16.5KVA
No load voltage: 54V
Duty cycle: 60%
Max. working current: 350A
Efficiency: 90%
Protection: IP21S

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