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arc submerged welding machine semi automatic 1000 model
The new-generation Inverter submerged arc welding machine produced by our company adopts the advanced soft switching inverter based on the core fitting of imported IGBT and microcrystal magnetic cores with the 20KHZ inverter frequency. The product owns high load duty cycle with arc igniting current and current thrust control function. It owns the advantages of automatic compensation function for voltage fluctuation, stable arc, even weld crater and good weld formation. And on the other hand, it first applies the digital circuit control technique to control the current, voltage and speed with high speed and precision, which not only reduces the weight and volume much and improves the mobility but simplifies the operation of facility, getting good arc ignition and welding performance to improve the precision of welding.

Due to adopting the digital circuit control, the pre-welding set value can be displayed by the number. The actual value is displayed during the welding, and the value is locked automatically after welding, which makes convenience for presetting and control of welding criterion.

Its top inverting frequency of 20KHZ reduces the current fluctuations influence for arc much, which makes arcing and arc static current very low (20A). The arc burns steadily and quietly with dense arc and small heat affected zone.

Considering all aspects of factors influence for the welding machine in designing, the advanced design is adopted in some minutiae. The inner bare line adopts the insulating varnish with high insulating strength for protection and waterproof design is adopted in the design of the shell that can cope with rugged environment. In addition, fully considering the economy of welding machine use in the design, the power consumption efficiency of the MZ submerged arc welding machine reaches 90%, and the power factor reaches 0.89. Finally these serials advanced design passes the strictest test and reaches the following standard: CCC- meets the GB15579.1-2004 standard; shell protection grade: IP21S, suitable for field use, insulation grade: F, waterproof and preventing foreign materials.

Brief Introduction to Characteristics:

The welding power adopts the IGBT soft-switching inversion technology, which ensures the high stability of the welding current when the network voltage fluctuates or the arc length changes. The arc has a strong ability in self-adjusting.

It has the function of adjustment of the arc-starting current. It may adjust the arc-starting current according to the technical requirement for the welding, so the success rate of arc starting is greatly improved.

It has the function of adjustment of the thrust current, which ensures the formation of weld, makes it convenient for the adjustment of the weld penetration. Thus the adaptability of the welding power to the welding technology is improved.

Compatible with the manual arc-welding; so it may be used in carbon arc air gouging, manual arc welding etc.

This series of welding machines have a wide range of adjustment to the current. The minimum current is less than or equal to 60 A;

More light in weight, small in volume and easy to be removed.

With high efficiency and high power factor, it is an energy-efficient equipment.
Machine can be with single wire single arc tractor for normal arc submerged weld work, also can be work with double wire double arc tractor for fast arc submerged weld work.
Machine can be work with feature of CC and CV.
Tractor is with vacuum system
630A: 2-3mm
800A: 3-5mm
1000A-1250A: 3-6mm
1000A arc submerged welding machine
Power supply: 3-380V+/-15%, 3-380V/440V+/-15%
No load voltage: 74V
Duty cycle: 100%
Max. Working current: 1000A
Weight: 105kgs
Protection: IP21S
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