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Digital control LCD manual metal arc welding machine 200 model
Keysdaq MMA machine is a general arc welder which adopts the latest pulse width modulation (PWM) technology and the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power module. It can change work frequency to medium frequency so as to replace the traditional hulking work frequency transformer with the cabinet medium frequency transformer. Thus, it is characterized with portable, small size, low consumption and etc.
Machine has excellent performances: constant current output makes welding arc more stable; fast dynamic response speed reduces the impact from the arc length fluctuation to the current; accurate step less current adjustment and pre-setting function. There are also some automatic protection functions for under voltage, over current, over heat, etc. inside the welders, when the problems listed before occurred, the alarm on the front panel is light and at the same time the output current will be cut off. It can self-protect and prolong the using life and greatly improved the reliability and practicability of the welders.
Machine can also realize TIG operation. While MMA operation, if the electrode touches work piece over two seconds, the welding current will drop to the minimum current automatically to protect the electrode. While TIG operation, the minimum current will be outputted firstly until the arc is ignited by lifting method, the output current will rise to the present value, which can protect the electrode. At the same time, the arc force and hot start will be provided with MMA operation.
Main function feature
Machine is with automatic protection function for overheating, overcurrent and low voltage.
Arc force*(thrust current) function is possible in machine.
Machine can be working with generator as power supply.
Machine is with feature of output current automatic compensation function which is much helpful for the 50m welding cable work.
Machine is with digital display meter for possible working parameter.
Machine is with high efficiency IGBT for more than 30% energy save.
Machine is with unique patent for machine case design with feature of waterproof and dustproof.
Welding rod:
80A machine, 1.6-2.0mm
120A machine, 2.0-2.5mm
140A/160A machine, 2.0-3.2mm
180A/200A machine, 2.0-4.0mm
MMA output voltage feature:
Single phase family type machine and normal type machine is with 24.5V-25.7V output voltage.
Single phase industrial type machine is with 31V output voltage to meet high weld effect.
Function: DC MMA and Lift TIG (simple argon arc welding process)
arc force adjustable, hot start adjustable
LCD screen

Welding material:
Carbon steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and so on.

Power supply: 1-220V +/- 15%
Power input: 4.5 KVA
No load voltage: 80V
Duty cycle: 40%/40℃
Max. working current: 120amps, 140amps
Efficiency: 85%
Protection: IP21S
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