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High frequency AC/DC pulsed TIG / MMA welding machine 200 model
A new generation TIG welding machine adopts the advanced soft switching inverter based on the core fitting of imported IGBT and microcrystal magnetic cores with the 20KHZ inverter frequency. The product owns high load duty cycle with arc igniting current and current thrust control function. It owns the advantages of automatic compensation function for voltage fluctuation, stable arc, even weld crater, and little splash and good weld formation. And on the other hand, it first applies the digital circuit control technique for the purpose of quality of welding, which not only reduces the weight and volume much and improves the portability but simplifies the operation of facility, getting good arc ignition and welding performance to improve the precision of welding.

Due to adopting the digital circuit control, the pre-welding set value can be displayed by the number. The actual value is displayed during the welding, and the value is locked automatically after welding, which makes convenience for presetting and control of welding criterion.
The way of arc striking is the HF arc striking. It adopts one kind of new electric HF arc igniter with strong HF discharge. The unique property improves the adaptability of welding machine, and even connecting long cable, it can keep good arcing performance. Its top inverting frequency of 20KHZ reduces the current fluctuation influence for arc much, which makes arcing and arc static current very low (20A). The arc burns steadily and quietly with dense arc and small heat affected zone, especially suitable for welding thin metal plates. Considering all aspects of factors? Influence for the welding machine in designing, the advanced design is adopted in some minutiae. The shell adopts the engineering plastic, and the die is shaped by single-pressing with prominent edge for protection; the inner bare line adopts the insulating varnish with high insulating strength for protection that can cope with rugged environment. In addition, fully considering the economy of welding machine use in the design, the power consumption efficiency of all digital TIG welding machine reaches 90%, and the power factor reaches 0.89. Finally these serials advanced design passes the strictest test and reaches the following standard: CCC- meets the GB15579.1-2004 standard; shell protection grade: IP21S, suitable for field use, insulation grade: F, waterproof and preventing foreign materials.
Main function feature:
With automatic protection function for overheating, overcurrent and low voltage.
Gas post function is possible in machine.
Machine can be working with generator as power supply.
Machine is with feature of output current automatic compensation function which is much helpful for the 50m welding cable MMA work.
Machine is with digital display meter for possible working parameter.
Machine is with high efficiency IGBT for more than 30% energy save.
Machine is with unique patent for machine case design with feature of waterproof and dustproof.

Welding rod: 1.6-5.0mm

DC MMA, DC HF TIG (professional argon arc welding process)
AC TIG, pulsed TIG

Welding material:
Carbon steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and so on.

200 model
Input voltage: 1-220V±15%
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Input power (KVA): 7.5
Welding current range (TIG/MMA, A/V): 12/10.5-180/17.2 12/20.5-140/25.6
40℃60% duty cycle (TIG/MMA,A/V): 130/15.2 120/24.8
40℃100% duty cycle (TIG/MMA,A/V): 100/14 100/24   
No load voltage: 57V
Isolation: F
Protection: IP21
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